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I got this amazing buzz after each of our singing sessions, it made me feel so invigorated and alive! 

I’ve been told all my life that I couldn’t sing, so even though I love music and sing along when by myself, I always avoided singing with others and felt like I was missing out. Volunteering to learn to sing showed me that everyone has a voice and gave me the confidence to sing more and more, which I’ve absolutely loved!

Jane - TuneIN Choir

Power upYour Presenting

Power Your Presenting is a programme designed to help you achieve a resounding success in presenting yourself and gives you a stress-free boost to your business.    We support and guide you to presenting at your best, whatever the situation.

  • Overcome your nerves in high pressure situations.
  • Discover what's unconsciously getting in the way.  
  • Dispel those fears of messing up at crucial moments and deliver pitches that win you business.
  • Present with fun and confidence on a more consistent basis.

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Love singing but hate auditions.

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The fact is the casting process is the only thing between you and your next big break.

  • Find out what casting directors are really looking for at auditions.
  • Invaluable feedback on your audition technique
  • Uncovering blocks that could be sabotaging your career
  • Get crystal clear on wht you need to succeed
  • Stand out from the rest

“EXCELLENT! The best singing

lessons I’ve ever had.” - D Cartwright, actor

"The confidence I gained gave me the courage to go up for my first major casting and I wasn'tnervous at the audition” - Gary Bland, actor/singer

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