Norman Bailey is an artist with extensive experience in theatre, TV, radio and film.  The focus of his creative practice is storytelling for positive social change. He combines traditional Afro-Caribbean storytelling techniques with digital media to create immersive storytelling experiences. In addition to his creative practice, he works in education devising and facilitating empowering education and training courses. 

Current Portfolio Practice

Artistic Director - Seven Winds CIC
Creativity with a Purpose

Seven Winds brings together a diverse network of creative thinkers, filmmakers, teachers, and community leaders. Seven Winds creative programmes are focal points for change in aspirations and skills, which equip people with the tools they need to live happy, fulfilling lives and enable them to make a positive contribution to their community.

Current Project

Pathfinder - A Hero's Welcome

Pathfinder - A Hero’s Welcome is a Windrush generation story. The story, based on real events, is peppered with verbatim testimony from archival material associated with Afro-Caribbean British heritage.

The story uncovers hidden layers of London’s cultural, historical, and geographical landscape. A Hero’s Welcome tells the story of a Jamaican-born RAF war hero’s post-WWII adventures.  Answering the call for British Commonwealth citizens to help with Britain’s post-war regeneration, Barnsley Peterson boards the Empire Windrush for a new life in England.  However, the hero’s welcome he expects is harder to come by than he anticipates.  






Norman Bailey 

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Norman Bailey