Success Stories

Norman is the teacher for you if you want to unleash the true power of your singing voice. 
Michelle Ryan, Actress and Singer 

When I was young I was in the school choir.  Not for long.  I couldn't reach the high notes and quickly realised I couldn't sing like the other children.  I learned lip syncing as a tactical ploy to be like the others. 

At the singing sessions Norman taught me to breathe.  I learned to trust and I learned that I have a voice.

Janine - TuneIn Choir

Before I joined TuneIN I had always been told I couldn't sing. After a few sessions with TuneIN I began to feel confident opening my mouth and letting the sound out. It's been a wonderful experience singing with the group


A group on non-singing friends came together and formed a choir.  Their determination to conquer the fear of singing is helping countless others living in the shadow of Alzheimer's.

They recorded songs, performed live and raised over £50,000 for Alzheimer's research and care in the UK and Jamaica.

To find more go to: TuneIN>>>

I had some great vocal training with Norman to support my choir singing as well as my yoga teaching and general public speaking. He gave me some tools to prepare myself for any event at short notice. Physiologically I'm less strained when singing or speaking for a long time. The effect of the change in my vocal projection is evident in the way people respond to me. Thank you Norman!  Mina Hosokawa,

Yoga teacher, choir singer & producer

Me - I can't sing

Norman- Everyone can sing

Me - I can't

Norman- You can, you just need to find your authentic voice

Me -????

Norman - The voice that is hidden, that's been pushed down over the years

Me - Right OK, what shall I sing?

Norman - Well first of all you need to do vocal warm ups

Me - Ok got it, done those before

Norman - Oh no, I'm talking about real vocal warm ups, Hours of practice. Because if you don't, you won't be able to sustain yourself as a singer for a role or an important performance. 

(Me in my head) - Ugh that's going to be hard work and boring. 

Me - OK Norman, let's go

Well I sirened, and learnt about the mask, realised singing is as much about connecting with your core and breathing as it is about making a sound and melodies. I did scales and over time I started to do scales in ranges I never thought possible- I had convinced myself I couldn't hit the high notes - how wrong I was. In the past I had strained and couldn't make that connection between voice, body and mind, that changed when I started learning about the many facets of the mouth and vocal chords and ones resonator and how to not just think about singing forward as it were but outward. 

After the many weeks of training with Norman I became a singer. 

Norman never pushed and always explained things clearly. He stressed the importance of regular warm ups. No excuses. Because then you have your voice at your disposal, you make it your instrument. The other great thing about Norm as a teacher is his knowledge of music, he is a blues man and I truly could not think of a better person to learn from. He also isn't precious, I remember him telling me not to worry if you shout too much or really use your voice it's strengthening itself. Like any muscle.

Norman is the teacher for you if you want to unleash the true power of your singing voice. 

Michelle Ryan, Actress and Singer 

I’ve been told all my life that I couldn’t sing, so even though I love music and sing along when by myself, I always avoided singing with others and felt like I was missing out. Volunteering to learn to sing showed me that everyone has a voice and gave me the confidence to sing more and more, which I’ve absolutely loved!

I got this amazing buzz after each of our singing sessions, it made me feel so invigorated and alive! 

Jane - TuneIN Choir

Charline Rodriguiez, Journalist and BBC news corespondent, talks about how Norman helped her find her voice

Don’t listen to others negativity and go for it! The power of the voice is something we all have but take for granted... listening is a tool just as much as speaking / singing when it comes to communication. I learnt a lot more than I had bargained for around teamwork, leadership and trusting in my own ability, but more importantly creating an opportunity for others to shine. 

Lisa - TuneIN Choir

The Confidence I gained gave me the courage to go up for my first major casting and I wasn't nervous at the adition

Gary Bland - Actor , singer