Hi, welcome to my site.  Please have a look around.  On it you'll find out a bit about me, the Love Singing Method, my workshops and projects.  

Feel free to listen to my voice-reel and if you want to hear more just head over to 'the voice' page.  Hope you find what you're looking for.

The 3 Most  Popular Workshops and Private Classes

I want One to one 

I want group singing 

Would you like to be more confident about your singing voice?

Overcome all previous negative singing experiences

 and use your voice with total freedom and confidence.


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Current projects 



Take charge of your career today
Are you confused and frustrated by the casting process?   

Find out the secret to a successful career
 in musical theatre, TV, radio and film 
Voice Overs  -  Make Your Project Sound It's Best 

How Soon Do You Need That Voice Over?

Do you need someone to quickly breath life into your Film, TV or Radio script, cartoon characters or narration? Then let's talk. 

I've worked on promos, radio plays and exhibits for a variety of clients ranging from XFM to the Museum of London, Harrods and Hamleys.

What makes me happy is when I leave a client feeling they've made the right choice and got the best results.  Norman Bailey

Listen to my voice 

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If you think my could work well for your latest project then let's talk.

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