Interactive Storytelling - Improving Expression

The way you express yourself is the key to success in everything you do.   Our range of group workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions in creativity, singing, drama and storytelling are designed to empower you, boost your confidence and make you a more engaging communicator.   

  • Schools come to us for help in improving children's literacy and learning skills.
  • Theatre students develop their skills on Interactive Storytelling modules.
  • Libraries use us to develop more charismatic interactive storytelling in their staff.
  • We help people grow their business by using the power of their unique stories to improve relations with the communities they serve.

How do you think of storytelling?

If you only think of storytelling as reading a book to your little one then you might be missing a trick or two. Have you considered, films, TV dramas or even those water cooler moments, as you recount stories about your weekend adventures? We're surrounded by stories. They've shaped our societies and preserved our histories. Our myths and legends have helped us define who we are and what we aspire to be. Here at Storybookers we celebrate all aspects of storytelling. And we'd like to share them with you.

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