Why do you think you can't sing?

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When I say to people, "Hi I'm a singing teacher"  most people reply  "I can't sing!".  Now you'd think that would be the perfect in.  But, no!  For many poeple the sheer terror at the thought of singing is something they'd rather not contemplate.  If only they understood what they were missing out on.

I've been out and about promoting the Love singing method recently, so I've had the opportunity to talk face-to-face with people who haven't fully embraced the joys of singing.  What I've discovered is how many people were put off singing at a very early age.  For some people, many in there forties and fifty, early negative singing experiences have meant a lifetime robbed of the the joys and benefits of singing. 

People go without a lot of things in life.  So what's the big deal?  We don't need everything in life. And there are joys and pleasure to be had in all kinds of things.  So why should you need to sing anyway?  Well, I'd have been happy to go along with that if I haven't spent the last few years hearing how much some people have wanted to sing but were to afraid to do so. That's right; afraid.

I'm not talking about people wanting a singing career, I mean people who don't even have the courage to sing along to happy birthday.  Or those who after letting out their first full-bodied sound for the first time in 30 years burst into tears.  People overcome with emotion after releasing a voice they felt had been trapped inside for so long.

I was aware of the problem, I was just taken aback by the scale of it.   

If you feel this applies to you, you need to understand that you are not alone, and maybe you shoul get out there and do something about it. You will not believe the difference it will make to your life. 

Go to my blog post Why Your  Fitness routine Should Include Singing  for a quick rundown on how singing - just singing, not performing - can change your life.   Amongst the things you'll gain are:
  • A happier healthier you
  • Longer life
  • the best free stress buster going

Seriously, it's true.  Check it out, and stop losing out on the benefits of using your voice with total confidence.

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