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Should you train Your Body And Mind In Equal Measure?

Posted by Norman Bailey on Sunday, April 10, 2016 Under: Personal

Should you train Your Body And Mind In Equal Measure?

I read an interesting article by Sir Ken Robinson, PhD. Robinson is an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources in education and in business.

In the TES magazine article, Cha-cha-change the balance in schools, he puts forward the argument that dance classes in schools should be given the same priority as maths and the sciences.

His argument is that It’s just as important for children to learn to use their bodies as it is to use their minds. in a quote from the article Sir Ken says, “You live in your body all day long, and our physical condition – how we relate to ourselves physically – is of fundamental importance to our sense of self.”

I’m sure there are those who will question how getting all ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ will help little johnny or Joan get their foot on the corporate ladder. One of the comments to this article even calls Sir Ken ‘delusional’.

Me, well like 28 million other people I’ve seen his Ted talk How schools kill creativity and I’ll be taking a closer look at his views and reporting back. But I do agree with a point he makes about schools failing to recognise children’s real talents.

Anyway, have a read and see what you think.

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