Pitching - How to keep it real

Posted by Norman Bailey on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In almost every picture you see of Richard Branson giving a presentation he’s smiling. He seems happy, in control, charismatic and totally convincing. With seeming ease he’s managed to convince people to change the way they travel, bank and listen to music. He even managed to convince the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio to part with millions of dollars to back Virgin Galactic, without them even knowing if it will ever get off the ground.

In the light of all that it’s easy to believe that he’s a man who feels totally at home in the spotlight. An article I read recently paints a different picture. Turns out He quakes in his boots at the thought of presenting. He does them because he knows they’re essential to growing and sustaining his brand. And he does them well because, as he puts, he stays real.
Stuart, I’m sure you understand that what let’s people down when they pitch is either a lack of belief in the product or a lack of belief in their presenting skills. It doesn’t really matter which one it is because, in the end, all the client really cares about is how you come across in the moment. They’re not interested in your past problems - or successes for that matter. If you can’t convince them you are right for them you won’t win the account.
The fact is that in the client’s eyes if you struggle to sell your own product it’s unlikely that they’ll believe you can sell theirs.

Which scenario would you prefer? You’re current situation of no clients and working for others, one that has you getting stressed out from constantly chasing clients and failing to convert leads into accounts or one that has the right clients looking for you? I’d like to help you achieve the latter.
I specialise in working with people who feel that they’re missing out on opportunities because, for whatever reason, they have difficulty communicating their ideas to others. I’ve helped people conquer their fear of stepping up and speaking out.
My client list includes: Artists, TV presenters, business start-ups and investment bankers. Just by sharing a few simple and highly effective techniques I’ve helped them boost their profiles, super-charge their business and make a difference. But you don’t have to take my word for it, Stuart. I was recommended to you and you can check out the testimonials from satisfied clients further down this document.

The Mission Control - Power up Your Presenting program is designed to help you achieve a resounding success when it comes to how to present yourself and your business by giving you a stress-free option to kickstarting your business. It’s a tailor - made program designed to support and guide you through the process to becoming the best version of yourself. As a result of this you're going to get motivated and inspired about what


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