Ice Cream Or A Story. Which One Would Children Choose?

Posted by Norman Bailey on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ice Cream Or A Story. Which One Would Children Choose?

Being a storyteller I know that children and adults love stories.  But I wasn’t prepared for what I found out today.

I’ve just taken part in the Play Day at Somerford Grove, Tottenham, London, UK.  A great day of fun in the sun.  This was part of my time delivering drama and storytelling workshops with Northumberland Park Primary School on their Summer Transition Programme.  

The best thing about this storytelling day was that I had now acquired a troupe of little helper to help out.  A loyal band of great little storytellers all face-painted in the character from the Anansi story we’d been working on.   We’d also managed to pick up a very talented drummer who helped support the narrative with his improvised percussion.

Part way through the day a group of children and their guardians appeared at my tent.  Keen little faces eager to hear some Caribbean and African tales.  They sit and I tell them of Shamba and his magical control of  the weather.  When I finish the story the children are asked, “Do you want another story or do you want to get some ice cream?”

Like you, probably, I’m expecting a tent full of tumbleweed faster than you can say, “Do you want a flake with that?”  But no.  The kids want another story.  And then another.  If it wasn’t for the fact that other children wanted in and there was plenty more to do and see I suspect they would have sat there soaking in stories for the rest of the afternoon.

So, when thinking of treats for kids rather than going directly to sweets or computer games.  Think again.  Perhaps all they need is some family storytelling time.


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