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Banish the Winter Blues and Sing Your Way to a Perfect Christmas

Posted by Norman Bailey on Sunday, December 10, 2017, In : Singing 
As Featured in Woman and Home Magazine

Whether sitting in traffic, or feeling like your brain is getting fried after hours of Christmas shopping, restore your equilibrium and feel human again in no time.

One of my voice students described a Love Singing group session as ‘Exercise for the soul’.  She went on to say, “The breathing exercises, tuning into the moment, plus not feeling cautious about how sound gave me such huge sense of freedom and being in the now.   I think people like me, w...

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Why Your Fitness Routine Should Include Singing

Posted by Norman Bailey on Saturday, April 9, 2016, In : Singing 

How much keep fit gear do you own?  Is the thought of doing exercises or even the idea of actually going to the gym tiring you out?

Then maybe you should consider joining a choir instead.

Experts are lining up to convince you that when it comes to giving you a top-to-toe tune up there’s nothing better than a good sing-a-long. For example, do you know how singing can reduce your stress levels or how good it is for your heart and lungs?   And if being able to tone your upper body and sorting ou...

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This simple tone deaf test could change the way you think about singing

Posted by Norman Bailey on Sunday, January 5, 2014, In : Singing 

I can't sing because I'm tone deaf.

I hear people say this all the time.  But a couple of simple questions usually proves that they're not. People quite often think they are tone deaf because they don't really understand what being tone deaf is.

If you think you're tone deaf, try this little test now.  

  1. Go to you music collection and pick out one of your favourite tracks.
  2. Listen to it.
How does it sound?  Those swirling sound rising and falling.  It sounds good right?  CONGRATULATIONS!  ...

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Please don't tell a child they can't sing. You could cause more damage than you think

Posted by Norman Bailey on Saturday, December 28, 2013, In : Singing 
"Let the young practice only until they are able to feel the noble melodies and rhythms"  - Aristotle

A new singing pupil of mine burst into tears in her first class.  All because she hit the note C and sustained it for 10 seconds.  The shock and relief at discovering she wasn't tone deaf and was indeed able to sing after all.  

Her experience is very common.  I keep saying that I should carry a sealed envelope, which I can open within 5 minute of talking to a new pupil. The note inside it wou...
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How to approach your singing With greater confidence

Posted by Norman Bailey on Thursday, December 12, 2013, In : Singing 
So you've set your mind on doing more singing.    But how's it going?
Have you set to it with full force and are you now singing the songs you want to sing where and when you want to sing them.  Or are you finding that your first few steps have been a little hesitant and faltering.  Well you'll be comforted by the fact that this is normal.

There are many reasons why you are not, as yet, totally in tune with your voice.  Some reasons are universal and others are more personal to you.   Let's ta...
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Why do you think you can't sing?

Posted by Norman Bailey on Monday, December 9, 2013, In : Singing 

When I say to people, "Hi I'm a singing teacher"  most people reply  "I can't sing!".  Now you'd think that would be the perfect in.  But, no!  For many poeple the sheer terror at the thought of singing is something they'd rather not contemplate.  If only they understood what they were missing out on.

I've been out and about promoting the Love singing method recently, so I've had the opportunity to talk face-to-face with people who haven't fully embraced the joys of singing.  What I've discove...
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