Banish the Winter Blues and Sing Your Way to a Perfect Christmas

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Whether sitting in traffic, or feeling like your brain is getting fried after hours of Christmas shopping, restore your equilibrium and feel human again in no time.

One of my voice students described a Love Singing group session as ‘Exercise for the soul’.  She went on to say, “The breathing exercises, tuning into the moment, plus not feeling cautious about how you sound gave me such huge sense of freedom and being in the now.   I think people like me, who are constantly busy would appreciate the opportunity to pause for the moment and sing their heart out.”

Experts are lining up to convince you that when it comes to giving you a top-to-toe tune up there’s nothing better than a good sing-a-long.  For example, do you know how singing can reduce your stress levels, or how good it is for your heart and lungs?  

According to Professor Graham Welch, even when sitting, singing has physical benefits because it is an aerobic activity that increases oxygenation in the blood and exercises major muscle groups in the upper body. Furthermore, singing has psychological benefits because of its positive effect in reducing stress levels and increasing your sense of emotional well-being.”

Singing can even help you live longer, especially when you join forces with others.   According to the findings of a joint Harvard and Yale study, group singing could increase your life expectancy. The report concluded that this was because singing promoted both a healthy heart and an enhanced mental state.

According to research, the very act of singing causes the release of endorphins, our natural, so-called “happy” hormones.  Singing regulates the vagus nerve, which is believed to control our “mind-body” connection.  Songs with long phrases achieve the same effect as breathing exercises in yoga, and help to reduce stress — a major risk factor for heart disease.


Here's a simple way to fit singing into your busy day

Humming in the morning will set all those feel-good hormones rushing through you and it’s one the best way to improve and maintain a healthy voice.  Besides, most people don’t know all the words to their favourite song or Christmas carol, but they usually know the tune.  Hum or la la la your way through a song and you’ll get the same benefits as singing the words.  The singing fairy won’t care, she’ll bestow her blessing on you just the same.

Try humming before you get out of bed.  And, who doesn’t love humming or singing in the shower?  Plus, your vocal cords really love steam, so make the most of it.  Whether sitting in Christmas traffic or feeling like your brain is getting fried after hours of Christmas shopping, this restore your equilibrium and having you feeling human again in no time. Round the evening off with a bit of humming and you’ve got the makings of a perfect day.

An easy way to improve your voice

Sing quietly!  Too many people think good singing means loud singing.  Hence the rapturous applause when X factor contestants gets to the wailing bit.  But Adele’s recent vocal problems prove this isn’t always a good thing.  In reality, you don’t need to sing any louder than you speak.  Surprising as it may seem, singing softly - think Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday Mr. President - can be more powerful than shrieking at the top of your voice.  Give aspirate, speech-level singing a go and hear/feel the difference. 


Enjoy the holiday, and start the New Year with a song


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