Art will feed itself

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The only way to fly

Art will feed itself. This is my personal motto.  I have a few aims, codes of conduct and guiding principals.  They are, for the most part, free flowing and changeable.  But they do revolve around one central premise: to live by my creative endeavour.  

I describe myself as a life-long creative.  Quite often when I say this people ask, creative what.  But what I simply mean is that I like to live by creative endeavours.

This doesn't mean art for art sake - although I have lived that lifestyle. But having lived it I know it isn't sustainable.  Each time I've done this I'm soon run into debt, which meant I could no longer pursue my passion,  It's also meant that I have been in danger on many occasions of losing my home and belongings.  But worst than that it's meant that in order to keep a roof over my head I've had to take money jobs which have had nothing to do with the life I'd like to live.  Not good.

So to where I am now, where I have a new set of circumstances, new opportunities and new challenges.  Non-creative matters have been laid aside  and the fully art sustained life takes shape.   This for a creative individual is the only way to live.

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Art will feed itself

Life-long creative. I have one goal in life and that is to live from my creative endeavours, That what my motto 'Art will feed itself' means. this.