Art will feed itself

Life-long creative. I have one goal in life and that is to live from my creative endeavours. That's what my motto 'Art will feed itself' means.

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My first casting decision

Posted by Norman Bailey on Wednesday, September 11, 2013, In : Casting 
I remember my first casting decision - it was more of a re-casting than straight casting.  Although this was a long long time ago.  I was 16 and making my stage debut in the Birmingham Youth Theatre production 'Somebody's Daughter' at the Birmingham Rep.  It all came about quite organically. During the auditions I'd made friends with the lead (Tony Armatrading) and we had spent time running lines together.  When rehearsals began if any of the notes I'd given him (which he had dutifully pencil...
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Art will feed itself

Posted by Norman Bailey on Monday, September 9, 2013, In : Personal 
The only way to fly

Art will feed itself. This is my personal motto.  I have a few aims, codes of conduct and guiding principals.  They are, for the most part, free flowing and changeable.  But they do revolve around one central premise: to live by my creative endeavour.  

I describe myself as a life-long creative.  Quite often when I say this people ask, creative what.  But what I simply mean is that I like to live by creative endeavours.

This doesn't mean art for art sake - although I have liv...
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